Coworking World Tour

Ok, not world, just three places. Last weekend I booked my tickets. February 25th I’m leaving for a few warmer (not hot, just warmer than this here frickin’ icebox) locations.

  • February 25th to March 1st in Vancouver
  • March 2nd to March 8th in San Francisco
  • March 9th to March 14th Austin for SXSW

    Haven’t been in Vancouver in 10 years, I’ve got a couple of people I know whom I’ll try to get back in touch with, a favorite uncle who’s house in Victoria I’ll drop by and a number of people I hope I’ll get a chance to meet and maybe grab a beer with after a day’s work at Workspace.

    That’s where the exaggerated title comes from, except for normal days off this is not a trip for fun (unless you count getting out of the cold has fun, which I do), I’ll be working the same number of hours but from different cities and using the opportunity to try out coworking spaces, see first hand what they are doing. A bit of research for our own project here.

    Next stop SF, same idea, a few friends to catch up with and working from Citizen Space and a few near legendary places. Looking forward to meeting the Citizens and hopefully many others there and at some events I have to look into.

    [Update] Ah! It’s almost like SXSW all the time over there. Three hours after I fly in there’s Adaptive Path’s Sixth Anniversary Party with the legendary taco truck and the next day is Flickr’s 333 Party. Sweet.

    Last stop Austin for teh web conference with 80% of the people who’s feeds I’m subscribed to and my peeps coming down from Montréal. Should be a good few weeks. Not quite the two months in a hot climate that I was aiming for but with Cuba that’s a month away so it will do for this year.