iTunes Homepage

iTunes music sharing is big. And I’m saying that without having seen in person real big networks like on university campuses. Something I’ve noticed is that people like to advertise their new stuff in their share name. It’s not only “Bubba’s music”, it’s “Bubba’s music – I have the new Uncle Cracker biatch”.

Knowing the current blog/IM/My Space crazes, why doesn’t Apple include a simple homepage functionnality with the sharing preferences? When users connect to your shared collection they get the homepage instead of a plain song list.

A couple of simple pulldowns and textboxes in the preferences. You could display your new stuff, most played, etc. Feature a particularly brilliant playlist. Add a few color scheme choices similar to the ones in the iTunes Music Store to customize the look.

On the Mac version, backgrounds or side images from your iPhoto, a link to start a chat with you through iChat, share a favorite bookmarks folder from Safari.

Simple blogging feature and commenting for the songs and playlists. Display of your actual blog’s RSS feed, etc. etc.

For those who know how, why not a local website you select and share through iTunes? Apple provides a couple of help files to explain how to link songs within your collection (it’s already possible to link to the store). Then just point to a folder where you’ve built html pages and iTunes becomes a “web server”. If you’ve got actual sites running on your Apache install, point to that. Might be a start to something like Kottke’s WebOS.