Movin’ On?

If you live in Montréal and are part of Yulblog, I’d like you to read this and answer this survey. the one liner; do you agree to moving Yulblog meetings to Laïka?

(Pass the word and post the link please)


Frank April 20, 2006

How about Boul Noir? I don’t know how it would be on Wednesdays, but they have comfy seats (lounge chairs and sofas) and pool tables. And it’s a big place. I don’t remember if they have music playing and if it could be too loud for conversation. It’s located across the street from the Mont Royal Metro.

aj April 21, 2006

I voted for Laika, but in the old tradition of a instant runoff vote, how about Copacabana? Just next door, pretty much the same vibe, good food, and certainly large enough to accommodate 15-25 of us if we warn them ahead of time.

hugh April 22, 2006

duly voted. laika sounds good.

nika April 23, 2006

i just find the Laika has poor service, a relatively snobby cold vibe and is over-priced. the Copa is an excellent alternative.

[insert clever name] April 23, 2006

The music at Laïka is to loud for sustained conversation.

Julie April 24, 2006

Hey Pat!
What a wonderfully short survey! (you should ask Michelle, Ken’s girlfriend, how to make 30 page ones…)

I voted “for” Laïka, but I do think that the Copa is an excellent suggestion… as long as it isn’t hockey night. The drinks are cheap, the food is good and it can accomodate a number of people. And, there’s a pool table in the back. What more can you ask for?

Patrick April 26, 2006

Boulenoir: I’ve never been. I think it goes to the same argument that Paolo is making on Yulblog comments about a place where we can meet standing up instead of at tables (I’m guessing that’s what it would be there) and it’s the same answer; how do you know where the group is unless you reserve a section and then; how can you reserve a section since we never know how many people will be there? The reservation at Laïka I find interesting because it’s not a completely closed section so we can book it but if their aren’t many people it’s simple for them to let people go there.

Copa: Since I talked about this with all three of you in the past, why didn’t you suggest it before? :-p More importantly though, isn’t it a pretty small place to be able to have 25 people together and yet not piss the management off by reserving for 25 but ending up 8? (sorry, same argument as above but it’s a big issue in my opinion)

Sustained conversation: Find me one place that serves alcool, where you don’t have to eat and that’s not noisy. Also, we’d be in the “new” section which isn’t quite as noisy.

nika April 26, 2006

toine and myself are thinking of coming back to the meetings if they’re at the Copa. ;-P

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