Professional Lipsynchers

I was listening to a bit of radio and the guy mentioned Gorillaz and how they’ve managed to keep their public face as just comic characters while their actual appearance is kept secret. They can live a normal life yet be super stars at the same time. Cool if that’s what you want but a lot of artists and “artists” are in it for the fame. A lot of people are in it only for the fame, the music or acting being a means to an end.

Which got me thinking, when will we see professional lipsynchers? No, no, not Ashlee Simpson, she thinks she can sing. Not Milli Vanilli, they didn’t say (at first) they were lipsynching. I’m talking about actual actors used to “act out” the public side of a musician who has no charisma or no interest in doing it him/herself.

Gorillaz are doing it with drawn characters, who’s going to do it with a fame whore motivated actor who dreams of being hounded to the convenience store? Officially, not behind the scenes; “Here’s G-Lo, the meat puppet for the superb and ear shattering music of Louise Germano”. Could even be a good marketing stunt ;). Come to think of it, maybe there’s already someone doing it in Japan?


Patrick November 15, 2005


I still think my “theory” remains a possibility though.

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