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What a great idea! A Philadelphia based DJ is “renting out iPods”:http://boingboing.net/#200422830; instead of being there all night he rents a special selection of music and mixes that he delivers on the Apple gadget. There are some interesting legal ramifications which is why I’m linking to the story on boingboing.net (where there are some notes on that) instead of the original article.


brad October 16, 2003

One problem with this concept.

A dj, whether the club kind or your regular wedding and barmitzvah variety, chooses the songs based on what’s getting the crowd going, making a personal and custom mix based on the needs of each group.

If the dj makes the whole mix in advance you lose the human aspect.

I’ve got Fatboy Slim live on Cd, I could just play that. What’s the difference?

Patrick October 17, 2003

The original link doesn’t seem to work anymore but if I remember correctly he was renting the iPods to restaurants and stores, not to clubs. If he was renting to clubs than I agree with you, you really need a live DJ.

darren December 4, 2003

To Brad who suggests that you lose the human touch by using iPods, you’re way off. iPod DJs don’t make the whole mix in advance. On the contrary, they have 20,000 (2 iPods) songs at their fingertips to fit any crowd. As the mood changes you can switch songs faster than you can search through your vinyl crates for specific tracks.

The human element that is lost is scratching and beat matching (no pitch control). That said, iPod DJing is not for the big shows where people pay to see talented DJs perform. It’s better suited to smaller clubs and lounges, and certainly perfect for weddings and barmitzvahs.

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