Real Bad Guy?

Collateral opens next week. In it Tom Cruise plays a bad guy. Without refering to spoilers or scrips you might have read, just personal opinion and moviegoing experience. Do you think he’ll actually be a bad guy to the end or they’ll find a way to make him a hero. Something like his wife is held hostage or he’s killing drug lords or murderers or some such nonsense?

[Update August 3rd] Just saw a new trailer that says “it takes a bad guy to take out the bad guys”. Knew it, he’s gonna be a hero, just dark and with a past.


lightspeedchick July 30, 2004

No. I think this is a reaction to the criticisms that Tom is always playing the same guy. Of course, I could be wrong.

julien July 30, 2004

Good point, I hadn’t considered this while checking out the trailer… probably good guy now that you mention it.

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