With all the talk about restarting the economy (US) or preventing more important slow downs (Canada), a solution oft proposed is to spend on infrastructure, creating jobs. In Québec I would certainly support that, it’s an old school solution that doesn’t encourage new forms of transportation but the existing infrastructure does need a good upgrade.

However, we should spend a lot of attention to other infrastructures as well. Michael Geist points out that there are various forms of infrastructure, all better fitted to the 21st century and at a time where it’s deemed appropriate to post deficits to prop up the economy, better preparing ourselves to the new economy should be a high priority and a higher value way of spending our money. His first suggestions for one, broadband infrastructure, should be seen as vital and we need to spend the money to catch up or at the very least keep our ranking. Quality access to the internet is a major issue that we need to keep on top of.