Fire Half Burning

I’m sure if you’ve watched any amount of tv in the last few weeks you’ve seen the Dentyne Fire ads at least once. I’m talking about the ad with the young woman introducing her boyfriend to her parents. You might not, however, have noticed that there are two versions showing in Québec.

In the french version the young woman takes a piece of Dentyne Fire, gets hot and jumps on her boyfriend, they start making out like crazy, moaning and rolling around the floor. Seeing this, the mother also takes a piece and starts doing the same thing with her husband.

In the english version, once the younger couple starts going at it the parents try to keep the conversation going and the mother gets up to go get coffee. Tamer version.

I was wondering if the anglo version was an english Canada decision or a US decision. Since even when we watch US stations the ads are coming from the Canadian “distributor”, it’s kind of hard to know. The website though shows yet another ad, even tamer. Probably cost loads more money to produce but doesn’t standout as much, in my opinion. I’d be interested in seeing what the ad would have looked like in France. It’s like shades of prudeness going from the US to Europe with us in the middle ;)

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