Pilgrim to Google, Dominey to SlideShowPro

Mark Pilgrim is heading to Google, he says he’s joining the good vision for the web. I’d like to know what the bad one is, since he’s joining the one hoarding shit loads of information on all of their users and parsing everything to sell ads but hey, that’s just me.

In other news, Todd Dominey is leaving his job to work full time on his app SlideShowPro. Sounds good and looking forward to the next application.


Houssein March 20, 2007

He’s probably talking about the semantic vision versus the Google vision of the web.

Patrick March 20, 2007

I’m not sure I see how they are opposed visions. The semantic web will be an evolution of what we have now and Google will use it/create parts of it just like everyone else. There won’t be the semantic web and the Google web.

Houssein March 20, 2007

You are most probably right. However, right now, there are 2 different visions: one stating that the “intelligence” should be embedded in structured enriched documents (semantic Web vision), the other states that it should be embedded in statistic based algorithms capable of analyzing raw text (GG vision).

This divergence of visions is as old as the AI itself :-)

Of course they are not contradictory, however statistics based approaches proved to be more efficient in dealing with real life AI problems than symbolic/cognitive ones. Think natural language analysis, face recognition, voice recognition and synthesis, etc.

For more information about this try these search:

google vs semantic web
statistical vs symbolic

Patrick March 20, 2007

Ahah. Makes sense. Thanks for the details.

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