Good Coverage and a Proportional Question

I’m still getting a lot of blanks stares when I say “blog” and some more when I say one of the first things I do when I wake up is check email and then fire up the feed reader since it’s where I get most of my news.

If the blank starers could turn their eyes to some of the good election coverage on blogs they might start to get it. Case in point, Michael who talks about his un-separatist understading of the Block vote (I agree) and Luke who presents some very good points and analysis concerning the media “calling” the results early and proportional representation. Good stuff on par or better than what can be found in the papers but from people not owned by converged media giants and on blogs where you can discuss their thoughts with them.

I’m not big on politics though so I’ve got a question. In principle I absolutely thing proportional representation is the way to go but how does it work in terms of who gets the actual seats? Does the party decide who they send? Do the representatives get elected but only some of them are part of the “sitting team” their party decides to use?

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