Ben’s Game

This is one of the best stories I’ve heard in a while. I’m sure everyone knows about the Make-A-Wish Foundation which helps sick kids get their wish. A lot of them ask to see Disney World, get a computer, a trip somewhere, etc. Ben Duskin asked to build a computer game and thanks to Eric Johnston at Lucas Arts he got his wish.

The game he created is about fighting cancer, and it reflects Ben’s own battle with leukemia. It takes place inside the body, on a playfield of mutating cells. The hero, a boy on a hovering skateboard, uses high-tech weapons to destroy these cells by collecting the seven shields that protect against common side effects of chemotherapy.

Very very cool project. Looks like Johnston had as much fun making the game as Ben did imagining it plus a lot of other kids will benefit form that wish.

In terms of actual money, we had a little tradition of having Limeade every week, … I’m sure that came to 12 bucks … I had in this project exactly one person to please. It’s kind of nice to have your entire audience on the design team.