Geek Test

I know there are many many geek tests but this one is pretty funny and very comprehensive, covering all aspects of geekdom and it was “in the air” since lsc blogged about geeks a couple of days ago.

I scored “33.13609% Total Geek”. I can live with that… I think.

Doh! I just realized Bill commented her score for the same test! Anyway, post already written.


John November 5, 2003

I only scored 17.357%. I guess that just makes me a nerd.

La Flamme Rouge November 5, 2003

Cool… and only 14% geekness in me. Did you call our 12 hours + Dungeon and Dragon’s games? I though we would have got more point on those…

Patrick November 6, 2003

lfr: I did but they covered such a wide span of geek interest just playing that for a few years doesn’t register that much on the test.

John: Nope, that just makes you a minor geek. Nerds are not the same as geeks! ;)

John November 6, 2003

So where is the crowbar of separation between geek and nerd? I had always assumed a certain affection for non-mainstream affairs make you a nerd but combining said affection with a high level of technical competence to the deterioration of social skills makes you a geek. Or enjoying the Matrix to the point of owning Trinity and Neo action figures is the mark of a nerd but pointing out the similarities between the Matrix and the 1989 John Carpenter classic “They Live” (they talked about it on the CBC last weekend) makes you a geek.

Patrick November 7, 2003

Actually, I believe it’s the opposite. Nerds are socially retarded on top of beeing geeky, like in Revenge of the Nerds. Geeks are too seriously into computers, gaming, scfi-fi, movies or combinations of those but do still “have a life”.

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