Flagless Canadian Keyboards for OS X

A little while ago, I posted the list of software I use on OS X. In there I mentioned that I had replaced the US flag with a custom icon that not only leaves me mercifully stars and stripes free but also fits the clean OS X taskbar better. Some people seemed interested and I said I’d post a tutorial but hadn’t done so yet.

It’s pretty simple, I made a little package you can download here. It includes a standard english Qwerty keyboard and this version graciously created by Sébastien Guillemette as well as the F and E icons I created. Once you’ve unzipped the package:

  1. Copy the four files in /Library/Keyboard Layouts/, not your user’s /Library/Keyboards/ but the root Library folder. It’s supposed to work in the other too I think but that’s what I did.
  2. Reboot
  3. Click on the “keyboard flag” on the taskbar, a menu pulls down.
  4. Click on “Open International” and in the list select Canadien Français and English, the one with the grey E next to it.
  5. Un-select the other keyboards they replace.
  1. You’re done, flagless keyboard display.

    The Canadien Français keyboard is not the same as the Canadian-CSA originally offered with OSX, I believe it’s closer to the French Canadian that came with OS9. If you have a french Qwerty keyboard, some keys won’t be in the same spot. Obviously, if you’re used to the Canadian-CSA, simply keep using it with the canadian flag and just replace the US one. Depends if you’re pissed with the Gomery thing or not I guess ;).

    Also, you can toggle from layout to layout by hitting Option-Apple-Space.