Fido And Apple

Useless tidbit I noticed. If you’ve seen the recent Fido ads you might have seen one where there’s a guy sitting on a sofa with a laptop in front of him on the coffee table. The laptop is a Powerbook and his easily recognizable by the luminous apple on the lid. Or it was, I’m not sure wether Fido decided against free advertising for Apple or if Apple told them to take it off but last time I saw the ad the logo was Photoshopped out. I think I saw the first one in french and the other in english by I doubt it’s related.

I tried to find the ad on the Fido site, without succes, but I noticed that their “Apple fetish” goes further, they have an iFido service! There have been a lot of iWhatever products but I thought it was funny(ish) that I found one while looking for the other.

Ok, I’m seconds away from deleting this post…

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