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Sounds familiar, that’s a lot like me:

There seem to be two kinds of software users, as different as apples and clockwork oranges. The apple sees the computer as a way to get work done, as a place to watch movies and play games, creative, functional, engaging. The clockwork orange sees the computer as a world to explore, like the Renaissance scholar’s palace of memory. I am the person who can tell how to import the audio file into the word processing document, the person who knows all the keyboard shortcuts and who goes through a hard drive like an archeologist, trying to glue together documents into something new. I am Faust in the computer’s devilish grip, ready to give up a slice of my soul in exchange for secret knowledge and fast Internet access. I’m the one who speaks with my machine late at night.

And while you’re there, read as much as you can, superb writer.

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