Don’t Forget

Tomorrow is the season premiere of one of the best shows on tv, 24. Can’t wait to see Jack kick some ass and yell at people ;). It’s also presented as it should be; with no commercial interruptions.


blork October 27, 2003

Awesome! I missed the first season and came into season 2 halfway through but I was totally hooked. Thanks for the reminder!

John October 27, 2003

It’s about time. Damn World Series. I can’t wait for the next Jack Bauer Power Hour to see if and when the evil Nina shows up.

How can you not be hooked on a show that ends every week with the equivalent of “dun-dun-DUNH!”

Patrick October 27, 2003

“Jack Bauer Power Hour” I like it :) Now that I have a dvd I’ll have to watch the other seasons again, one episode after the next. Jack Bauer marathon.

James Dente October 27, 2003

Just spare a thought for us poor Brits who won’t get to see it until next February…

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