No, not movie spoilers, life spoilers. The f*ckers who mess things up on purpose, or by accident, or by just being stupid morons. The lowest common denominator. I’m kind of grouping two things together here but the group I’m pissed at is the one where people abuse the system, any (all?) system and make people take measures to protect themselves, thus making it less pleasant or useful for all others.

One of the places with free WiFi that I used to go to now charges by the half hour because people were abusing the system. Thanks morons. Chris goes in more detail on this issue as it relates to all forms of electronic communications; usegroups, email, discussion boards, messaging and now blog comments. If you have a blog you’ve almost certainly been under attack for the last few weeks or months, bastards posting fake comments containing loads of pr0n links, ads for Vi@gra, etc. I’ve been deleting comments every day for the last few weeks, not a huge deal in terms of time but huge in pissed off effect.

I’m writing this because I needed to bitch a bit but also to ask a question. I’m hesitating between two solutions, install Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist which filters out spam or to fight spam before if starts by disabling comments on entries older than a couple of weeks. The latter so far is my preferred choice since it doesn’t require installation—although disabling older entries is as much if not more work—and… I don’t know, it feels sufficient. If we start going with white lists doesn’t the whole thing escalate while just shutting off older comments just renders the comment spam thing moot?

So what do you think, anyone used to commenting on older entries or do you usually just comment on very recent entries? And if you have a blog, have you encountered the problem and how do you plan to take care of it?

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