Odd Ads

In the last couple of hours I’ve seen three tv ads I find odd, pretty close to bad actually.

First, Drano which for years has sold liquid drain clod remover advertises their new gel clod remover by makind fun of liquid products! Isnt this like McDonalds making fun of Quarter Pounders to sell Big


Second, Vanilla Pepsi making fun of Vanilla Coke for not being peppy and original enough (The not-so vanilla vanilla)… when they are the ones coming out with a copy of a Coke product, what? Two years after?

Third, Duracell’s ad uses Lord of The Rings, The Two Towers. Can you think of a movie that says battery even less? “When going through the caves of Mordor I always make sure my staff has a fresh set of Duracells”. I know they like to be linked to popular movies but come on.

Nothing witty to say about those ads, they just suck.

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lightspeedchick August 26, 2003

Duracell… that’s frikkin blasphemy!

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