If at some point in time you hear I’ve gone mad rest assured the cause will be CSS. In the mean time, if you dont see a sidebar to the right it’s because you are using one of Microsoft’s crap browser, solution forthcoming. You can see the sidebar at the bottom of the page.

<hint>And by the way, Mozilla really kicks ass!</hint>

[Later] Seems I’ve fixed the problem, please tell me if you have a weird browser / operating system combo in which it doesnt work.


Fanny July 22, 2003

Y y!! a marche… la shop du moins… Stay tuned pour le verdict la maison :)

Fanny July 22, 2003

… Pis la maison aussi!!

Mr. Moral July 24, 2003

And by the way, Mozilla really kicks ass!

I know :-)

Mozilla 1.5 Alpha – Released July 22, 2003

Pour ceux que ca interesse.

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