The Palm

CraZAY, craZAY I tell ya! They are actually building this in Dubai! Looks like a Sci-Fi book cover or something. Great site though where you can find out all the unbelievable facts about this residential and tourism project.

They do have some nice models for the big houses offered but if you look at the videos you’ll see that they will be stacked pretty close and on flat terrain with not much vegetation in between. Looks like the residential part will be a suburb with some beach in front of each house while the tourist “crescent” will be a mix of Vegas and Disney.

Looks like the whole thing will be as artificial all around as it is in terms of location but I’d still like to see it in person when it opens.

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Pierre July 23, 2003

Whoa! The earth is getting a tattoo! On devrait faire une grosse tete de mort dans le Golfe du St-Laurent pour faire competition :)

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