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After a lot of procrastinating and then delays in product release I’ve finally bought a digital camera. The most important features I wanted were the zoom (10x optical on this one), 3 Megapixels or more (4), short time between pictures and quick zoom in and out. The C-750 as all that but like all digital cameras (I guess except for DSRLs but… $$$) it’s not as quick as my 35mm for things like turning on, focusing and with the other speed specs. I mentionned.

Even considering the purchase price, with the volume of pictures I take while traveling I hope to start saving money pretty quick, especially considering the fact I would have had to buy a “longer” lens to get closer to various subjects which is the original thing I was missing and the reason I started considering what was the best place to invest more money in photography.

The other big reason for going to digital is also related to money but in a different manner, I can now take loads of pictures, carry the camera around and snap shots of little things that I wouldnt normally “spend” shots on. With the weight of the 35mm and the time and money involved in carying film and having it developed it never became an every day thing for me. Hopefully now I will be able to try more things, get more varied shots and get better at picture taking.

To follow yet another bandwagon I added a photolog to the sidebar, we’ll see if I keep it up and more importantly if I have anything worthwhile to put there. To start things out I posted three macro shots, the first things that I had around were appropriate for it and it’s also something I never got to try with film. More varied stuff to come.

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