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For a couple of months now I’ve been reveiving the css-discuss mailing list daily digest and… there’s just too much useless stuff. Well useless might be too strong a word, there’s a lot of good messages but it takes forever to get through the whole thing and find what I can use. Does anyone have something else to suggest? I’m hoping for something half way between A List Apart (which doesnt update very often anymore) and the discuss list (with too much noise).


Alex June 17, 2003

I don’t know. I always find what I’m looking for by doing a quick search of my inbox (css-discuss). I’ve tried looking for other CSS newgroups and to no avail. I mean, Eric Meyer posts in css-discuss, what else do we want!

Patrick June 17, 2003

Hehe, good point :) But I’m not really asking for more in terms of content. I would like something that I could pick up pointers without having to spend so much time finding it within the day’s content. The same thing with less volume basically.

You’re right though, great place to search and find answers when you have a specific question.

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