Nowhere To Hide

Well, the frickin lazy arse players got another one! Bob Gainey today fired Claude Julien as head coach of the habs, he’s taking on the position and bringing in Guy Carbonneau who’ll eventually take over as coach.

It’s something like the 6th coach change in the last 10 years, the players always drag their feet most of the time and eventually get their wish. For the first time in that run though, I think they have nowhere to go, if they can stare two of the greatest captains in the history of the greatest hockey franchise and still drag their tales, they have no business playing hockey and everyone will know it. You can backstab a guy who’s “just a coach” and some people will believe you but what the hell can you do against a guy like Gainey? Nothing. And that’s great news for the fans.

I’m sad for Julien, I don’t think it was his fault but I’m happy to see Bob step in, time to cowboy the fuck up boys, nowhere to hide now.

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