Coworking Update

I created a couple of things Wednesday night to move the coworking project along, pretty much everyone I’ve ever spoken to about this is set to get an email invitation from Google Groups but The Google isn’t cooperating and the invites aren’t sent yet (some kind of human based spam prevention filter). So, since a lot of the people listed read my blog, I’m duplicating the info here instead of waiting for whatever validating person is holding the email back.

I have updated the Montréal page on the coworking wiki, adding quite a bit of details, including projected pricing, the area we’re aiming for, etc. If you’re interested in being a member when this things gets started, add your name to interested list, there’s also a section for those who want to pitch in or simply plan on “hanging around”.

I also created a Google Group where we can discuss aspects of the project, as soon as I have a few more of the “assured” interested parties subscribed, I’ll be asking a couple of questions I already want input on.

[Update] Murphyyyyyyyyy, of course within an hour and a half of the post the emails are sent. Typical.

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