Conference Looks Better and Better, Literally

Tomorrow we fly off to attend Les Blogs 2.0, with a couple of days of R&R before and after. Yesterday I downloaded the two latest episodes of Nerd TV, watched show 9 which features Anina. Oooooh, hotness. Redheaded hotness! Oooooh, geeky. Ooooh, cute accent. I’m supposedly working as I listen to it but, you know, kind of distracted… wait a sec! Lives in France, blogs. Les Blogs 2.0 is in France. * Gears turning *. Maybe she’ll be at the conference. Get to the list, search. Yesss. I’m liking this conference more and more :-p.

6 Comments December 1, 2005

wow! such a stylish blog look! excellent. cant wait to meet you. thank you for the compliments. ;)

Martine December 1, 2005

Oh god, please, somebody take a photo of him with an embarrassed look on his face (and his mouth wide open). ;-)

Patrick December 4, 2005

Anina: Thx. Great!

Martine: Not gonna happen (the embarassed look I mean).

Patrick December 5, 2005

Done. No embarassed look, no open mouth :-p

Martine December 5, 2005

T’as fait ça comme un grand! On sait bien que t’as de la classe, Pat. :-)

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