A couple of guys that have already gotten some notice for their acting and that I expect will be getting even more this year. First one is Paul Bettany whom I’ve already mentioned before. I was wondering when he’d get his chance to star, noting his role in The Reckoning, the “trailer has been out”: for a little while and I’ve been meaning to link to it. Looks pretty good, kind of similar to The Name of the Rose.

The other guy is Ryan Gosling who will be seen next in The Notebook, a chick flick that will probably get a lot of coverage, he seems to be pretty good in that but I’m keeping an eye on him because of his turn in Murder by Numbers, for which he got good reviews. He was also well reported on for The Believer and, I think, The United States of Leland.

Also keep an eye on Gosling’s “Numbers” co-star, Michael Pitt who’s currently in The Dreamers and will be seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. I also remember him from guest spots in two Law and Order episodes and I was impressed on both occasions.