Sometimes I come to the RSS readers, havent touched it since the day before, and there are over 200 entries unread. I sift through the whole thing, opening some in Safari, reading more in detail, some I barely scan, wondering if I shouldnt cut back on this stuff and then there they are, 3 of the classics who dont write as much lately come up with good posts within hours of each other.

First Derek with an intelligent political post I agree with. A bit longer than his recent stuff, hopefully it’s a sign of things to come? Too bad people now have to had disclaimers like his when talking politics if they dont want to get flamed and harassed.

Then Jason with a great insight on the difference in “information retention” between books and the web. I had never thought about it but I tend to agree. Also reminds me that more and more I find myself in “real world” situations where my first reflex when unsure or wondering about something is to Google it. Thankfully I Apple doesnt have a Pocket PC equivalent and there isnt that much WiFi in Montreal or I’d be stopping on street corners to search for info. Freak!

Last comes Matt with an article on some possibilities for more advanced uses of Movable Type. The main lesson there is to forget the name of the fields used for a blog and start thinking about them as database fields for a wide variety of data types you might want to display in a website.

[Update] In the same vein, Brad Choate has a brilliant technique to setup your static content as a seperate blog.

[Update2] And now Doug Bowman explains how he redid is superb portfolio