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Ok so in the last month or two I’ve been working on a large number of projects and spending quite a bit of time with a Certain Young Woman™ which explains that my posting has been in large part (even for me) quotes and one liners. During the same period I got a couple of referrals for things I don’t do (more programming oriented things mostly). I’ve been meaning to write a post detailing what I do but with the aforementioned busyness and the fact I’m mulling over a couple of directions for my company, I haven’t written that post yet. An overdue redesign of the Taste of Blue site also means that I can’t simply point to recent work because what’s shown isn’t that recent. All of that to say that I thought I’d just post a quick list of one line descriptions of what I’m doing in the coming 7-8 weeks and some things I finished in the last couple.

Note: Some I can’t link so for the moment I’m linking none of the sites and clients.


  • Corporate site built on Joomla. (installation, configuration, customization and theme)
  • Non blog sites for 3 clients, all built on WordPress. (installation, configuration, customization and theme)
  • Blogs built on WordPress for a couple more clients (installation, configuration, customization and theme)
  • Forum site built with Vanilla. (design, installation, configuration, and theme)

    Current or upcoming

  • Large site built on Drupal (design, installation, configuration, customization and theme)
  • Smaller site for the same client, also with Drupal. (installation, configuration, customization and theme) Design was handled by a subcontractor I recommended.
  • Design for a non blog site and a blog, both for the same client.
    • Build both sites using WordPress.
  • Another non blog site for a Yoga center, to be built with WordPress.
  • Design and xhtml-css for a new Java based Web 2.0 niche market application built by a local web company.
  • Xhtml-css for a Rails based application built by a local web company.
  • Theme tweaking for a wiki site.
  • Design and xhtml-css for a new project/startup I’m involved with.
  • Design for a conference site to be built with Mambo. Logo design was handled by a Taste of Blue subcontractor.
  • Theme modifications to a Tiki Wiki based site.
  • Xthml-css and theming for two ecommerce sites built on Shopify.
  • Xhtml-css and theming for a large Drupal community site.
  • Xhtml-css, theming and WordPress work on a designer’s client’s site.
  • Consultation (always the case but more on this one), design, xhtml-css, theming and WordPress or Drupal for a largish site.
  • Design, xhtml-css and theming plus some interesting custom work on a WordPress install.

    That’s about it. Two or three of those are confirmed but very loosely scheduled and will probably slip to much later and a couple more aren’t listed but will most likely be signed.

    For those who weren’t certain what I do you might have a better idea now and I’m sure you can see from that list that I’ve barely got any time available until the second week of October but do check though, timelines slip all the time and hours open up.


Rémi Prévost August 8, 2007

Wow! C’est du stock ;)

cfd August 8, 2007

I’m wondering which is the cutest: CYW™ or Subcontractor™… :P

Vacation is almost over. So where’s the coworking project update we all have been waiting for?

Patrick August 8, 2007

Ahah! Not the same person in this case.

coworking: good question, working on some documents this week and showing them to someone coming back from vacation next week

Mat August 8, 2007

busy is good ;)

Gabriel August 8, 2007

Moi qui pensais être occupé..! :P

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