Oh Canada

Funny / true article from SF Gate where once again a “blue state American” realizes how much Canada rules.

Canadians. So mellow. So laid back. So gay. So not producing any truly superlative modern-rock music or ultraviolent buddy-cop movies and not actively siccing Wal-Mart or Starbucks or Paris Hilton on the rest of the world like a goddamn cancer. They’re just so … nice. And boring. And calm. And solid. And friendly.

And they simply beat us senseless on the whole open-minded, progressive thing. Kicked our flag-wavin’ butts. Trounced our egomaniacal self-righteous selves and made the red states look even more foolish and backward than the whole world already knows them to be.

Good to read when going through winter. Did I mention I hate winter? I hate winter. No really, I do.

  1. Excellent! Truly hilarious. But then again I’m one of those weirdoes who actually likes winter. I lived 4 years in North Carolina…4 months like November and sweltering summers, bleh!

  2. “I’m one of those weirdoes” indeed! ;)

    “nice and boring” true but considering we’re often associated with our neighbors, better “nice and boring” than “gun toting maniacs”.

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