Battlestar Galactica

The SciFi channel is coming out with a new Battlestar Galactica miniseries this fall. Fans are enraged (boy am I surprised) and the producers seem to be aiming for something different with a mission statement that promises a lot while dissing almost every other sci-fi show and movie and promising WestWing and Soprano level drama. A very very tall order. I’m not holding my breath.


aj November 28, 2003

Um, what’s with completely 1996-style Earth clothes?? I thought the whole point of Galactica was that they were searching for the lost 12th tribe on Earth…

Overall it seems like they’ve taken the thinnest surface detail from the original, some of the character names, one of the memorable ships, and have basically created a whole new show with very little connection to the original… And no-one can top the late, great John Colicos (Stratford vet) as Baltar – c’mon!!

John November 28, 2003

Given that the original show, as Space said in the promos, “made the future look like the 70’s,” I guess 1996 clothes aren’t that unusual.

Maybe they’ll put a spotlight under the new Baltar’s chin, a la John Colicos as a kind of hommage. You know, the “scary villain lighting.” At least that’s what I remember about the show – that and the apparent abundance of hair dryers in space. Anyway, yeah, Colicos was awesome, especially as a Klingon.

I wonder if the show will keep its Mormon allegory, as well. The show’s creator, Glen Larsen (sp?), was a devout Mormon and modelled the rag-tag fleet after the 12 tribes of Israel (or was it 13?). Hmm…doubt it.

But hey, I’m always game for FemBots so I know I’ll watch it.

Now if they’d just bring back ‘Firefly,’ damn it!

Patrick November 28, 2003

They don’t seem to be bringing back Firefly although on Space I think I remember earing something about showing 3 episodes never before seen in North America this week and the next couple. Also, if imdb is to be believed, they are working on a feature film

I agree with what you both said although I’m not sure I would have dated those shirts and ties to 1996 (?) they did strike me as odd.

aj November 28, 2003

I swear I saw suits just like that at Le Chateau a few years back!!

bits December 5, 2003

Browsing at la boite noire this week, I saw for the real fans that the complete epic serie is out on DVD for 119$, you get a nice box (???) with the whole 24 hours of the original serie. I guess this guy’s petition worked

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