Am I missing something?

I know I’m not the most “advanced” Casanova, far from it but, you know, I’ve heard thing, I read Karl. Still, the order and nature of these events surprised me.

Where: Starbucks on Mt-Royal. Around 6pm. Sober people.

  • Hottt woman in tight jeans and white top comes in with hipster type guy with 70s winter jacket, Elvis glasses and tatoo on the elbow.
  • While waiting for a second sofa to free up she slides a chair close to his but mostly sits on his knee. Kissing.
  • Random discussions, I’m not paying attention but they’re speaking pretty loudly.
  • She get the other sofa.
  • Guy: Wanna go back to my place and shag? Girl: Sure!
  • They stay and keep talking.
  • Guy: Ok, gotta go. Time for a quicky? Girl: No, no quickies though.

    This is where I don’t get the order of events.

  • A few minutes later, girl pulls out her cell, asks the guy: So, what’s your phone number?
  • Me: whaaa?? (in my head but it almost wasn’t)
  • A few more minutes, they get up, start necking like mad standing in the middle of the place. Walk out.

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