Am I missing something?

I know I’m not the most “advanced” Casanova, far from it but, you know, I’ve heard thing, I read Karl. Still, the order and nature of these events surprised me.

Where: Starbucks on Mt-Royal. Around 6pm. Sober people.

  • Hottt woman in tight jeans and white top comes in with hipster type guy with 70s winter jacket, Elvis glasses and tatoo on the elbow.
  • While waiting for a second sofa to free up she slides a chair close to his but mostly sits on his knee. Kissing.
  • Random discussions, I’m not paying attention but they’re speaking pretty loudly.
  • She get the other sofa.
  • Guy: Wanna go back to my place and shag? Girl: Sure!
  • They stay and keep talking.
  • Guy: Ok, gotta go. Time for a quicky? Girl: No, no quickies though.

    This is where I don’t get the order of events.

  • A few minutes later, girl pulls out her cell, asks the guy: So, what’s your phone number?
  • Me: whaaa?? (in my head but it almost wasn’t)
  • A few more minutes, they get up, start necking like mad standing in the middle of the place. Walk out.


miss.sushi March 21, 2005

Peut-être que ses jeans étaient trop serrés et que ça l’empêchait de penser…

m-c March 21, 2005

maybe you’r just overworked

Martine March 21, 2005

“I read Karl”. LOL!

Maybe it was one of those street performances. Or maybe they were just high.

Karl Dubost March 21, 2005

and me… who was trying to hide with a “70s winter jacket and Elvis glasses”

Oblivia March 21, 2005

I’m stumped. The only explanation I can think of is: “they’re teenagers”.

Boris Anthony March 21, 2005

I don’t get it? What’s so weird?

m-c March 21, 2005

i dont see where’s the problem,
people making out at starbuck is kinda nice, nothing’s ever happening around there anyway..

I would have took picture if i would have been there – but this, you already know..

Let’s hope they are bloggers – then we can get to read the end of the story some day..

Patrick March 21, 2005

Oblivia: not teenagers.

I never said there was a problem. Surprised. How often do you see that in a café?

Maybe you had to be there. It didn’t look like some random bar hooking up, they walked in together, seemed like a couple and then she doesn’t have his number.

Karl Dubost March 21, 2005

Even for a shag, I will not give my phone number, I rather gave my email address. I understand now why you said weird… it’s that? hmm?

TT March 21, 2005

What can I say… Girls dig tattooed elbows.

blork March 22, 2005

Maybe she’s like me and simply can’t remember numbers (or names, or words, etc.) I don’t know my own cell number and I’ve had that phone since 1998.

Martine and I had been together for almost two years before I managed to dial her cell number without having to look it up. It’s still a huge mental leap and I have to do this little mental pattern-recognition dance before I get it.

Same with our home phone number. On a nice calm day, and if I’m not in a hurry, I can usually remember it, but if there’s any urgency or if someone asks me out of the blue I can’t get past the first digit!

aj March 22, 2005

Boh! You’ve just blown Montreal’s image as the romantic capital of North America…

People? Kissing? IN PUBLIC!!!?

Patrick March 22, 2005

soooooooo not what I was saying.

Blork: And yet you can remember super complex recipies?

Oblivia March 22, 2005

Maybe it is indeed wildly romantic. Maybe they have been meeting like this for weeks – nay months! – now. Maybe they have spent their time exchanging their most intimate whatevers before exchanging trivial details like “phone number” and “favourite colour” and “last name”. Just maybe.

Patrick March 22, 2005

Maybe. I know I for one always use “wannagoforaquicky” when I feel romantic ;)

Boris Anthony March 22, 2005

Works for me…


Patrick you still haven’t pinpointed exactly what you found odd about this? The not having the phone number?

m-c March 22, 2005

yé ou alex? j’suis sur qu’il aurait pleins d’hypothèses ultra intéressantes et qu’il pourrait facilement nous pondre une entrée qui ferait 8 écrans de long dans le genre carnet-roman…

Alex March 22, 2005

J’ai déjà donné au sujet du couple-dépravé-du-Starbucks. Patrick m’en a parlé sur iChat hier alors j’ai plus rien à dire à ce sujet!

Quoiqu’en me forçant un peu, je trouverais bien une phrase ou deux…

edemay March 22, 2005

Vous avez jamais remarqué le tatouage sur mon coude?

m-c March 22, 2005

prochain yulblog –

Karl Dubost March 22, 2005

Je trouve toujours rien de choquant :))))

AlexAtEyekyu March 22, 2005

You see, I think it’s the fantasy factor—These people are surrendering to their primal impulses while simultaneously submerged in this saturated world of ‘cool’ symbols (like the cosmopolitan jeans—and the GQ jacket, etc.., the cellphone)—What we have here is two people thinking they are engaging in liberating actions when in fact they are trapped into a stylistic cliche, conforming to so-called liberating ideals which are really nothing more than beauty mag fantasies and manufactured coolness. The trouble with this, is that the moment eventually ends. And nothing creative has come out of it. Of course, this only matters if the individuals preocupations are with self-historical matters and whether they have any anthropological awareness—Didnt see any snapshots on your flickr man!

Patrick March 22, 2005

J’ai pas dit choquant batinsse! Ou dépravé. Ou qu’il y ai un problème à ce qu’ils s’embrassent.

“what you found odd” The combination. Do people kiss everywhere? Yes, of course. Do people fuck with someone they don’t know? Yes. Do people go right out and ask for a shag? Yes.

Do people come in a cafe in the middle of the day looking like a couple, climb over each other, ask for a shag so everyone ears them, exchange phone numbers, put on a show of licking each other’s tonsils and walk out. No. That’s uncommon and kind of a strange combination. Not insulting, not shocking, not discusting, not revolting. Uncommon. Surprising.

Alex March 22, 2005

wouain. bin. On s’attend pas toujours à recevoir autant de commentaires pour un billet comme celui-là hin? ;-)

On es-tu game de se rendre à 50?

Sylvain March 22, 2005

50, comme ton club Labatt?

D’ailleurs, tu sais que tu kick des culs pas possible sur Google avec ça?

Oh yeah, 2 premiers hits, devant Labatt!!

Sylvain March 22, 2005

(je ne sais pas pourquoi mais le système de commentaires de Patrick a borké mon lien, faut copier coller le tout pour que ça marche, le lien est tout croche et ne fonctionne pas!) (et de 26).

edemay March 22, 2005

faut pas jinxer les commentaires!! jamais!! LA c,est CERTAIN qu’on se rendra pas à 50.

Martine March 22, 2005

Eyekyu Alex is my idol.

m-c turgeon March 22, 2005

ouin cé vrai que le liens marche pas. merci de le spécifier sylvain


Karl Dubost March 22, 2005

30ieme commentaire à 0h18. Je propose un blogsquat façon rapport de gendarmerie. Cela te dit Martine ? ;)

carl March 23, 2005

Pourquoi on organise pas des équipes de surveillance de café et qu’on ne fait pas une étude sociologique. Il faut essayer de comprendre si le phénomène est répandu ou pas. Et aussi, peut-être comparer Québec avec montréal.

On tient de quoi là … personne qui veut faire sa maitrise en sexologie ou en socio?

et de 31 :D

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

7h35: Je me suis levé, il y a… 30 minutes. Pourquoi je me réveille si tôt moi. Longue journée devant moi. Le soleil innonde les murs de la rue. Je pense qu’une douche va me faire du bien.

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

7h58: Le linge est dans la machine à laver. J’ai pas encore pris mon petit déj. Pas le temps pour l’instant. J’ai une téléconférence QA Team dans 2 minutes.

Qu’est-ce qui fait beau. Super pour ma dernière journée avant de partir.

m-c March 23, 2005

Karl, tu pars ou?

élabore stp

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

9h12 Je viens juste de finir mon call W3C. J’ai faim. Je vais aller chercher des pains au chocolat au Figaro.

m-c: Au choix :))) c’est un secret de polichinelle. :)

m-c March 23, 2005

bizarre ça que les liens soient pas cliquable…


Patrick March 23, 2005

Check le petit point d’intérogation en dessous du text box. Non mais,

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

10h03 pour mc qui a dû mal avec la techno.

Karl ailleurs dans le monde

Profil Flickr de Karl

J’ai acheté deux pains au chocolat que j’ai engloutis. Il fait beau dehors. Je suis en train de faire des lessives. J’ai une tonne de choses à faire avant demain matin. :D

Bon là maintenant, rédiger les minutes du meeting précédent dont j’étais le scribe.

Oblivia March 23, 2005

My my my. This is turning into the yulblog watercooler now isn’t it?

Patrick March 23, 2005

Yeah. And there’s something in the water.

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

11h04 Minutes for the teleconferences. Just finished. That was longer that I was expecting.

Fuck the laundry ;) Going to do that now.

btw: I think it’s better to make love first, and give the phone number after. You might be disappointed by the first part.

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

11h22 Je me demande pourquoi il faut toujours deux cycles de séchage pour un cycle de lavage.

C’est plus facile d’être mouillé que sec apparemment.

m-c March 23, 2005

Karl, oui, moi la techno là.. j’ai de la misère!

par contre je suis assez au courant de ce qu’est Linternet, j’ai lu beaucoup à se sujet dernièrement sur des forums de discussion.

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

11h42 m-c: mwahahaah :) Attention Internet il parait que c’est un repère de pervers et de malfrats. :)

Oblivia March 23, 2005

Karl, you just made me think of a classic quote from Sex and the City: “Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.”

m-c March 23, 2005

karl : oui je sais. l’équivalent d’une autoroute, peuplée de pirates.

le meilleur remède si tu attrape un virus : déconnecter ton écran.

aj March 23, 2005

the Linternet? Is that the secret network that connects laundromat dryers, randomly funneling socks around the world via STP (Sock Thief Protocol?)

m-c March 23, 2005

kelkun peu faire le décompte d’à combien on est rendu là?

à 50 commentaires, notre patrick sera le kottke québecqois. whew!

Karl Dubost March 23, 2005

je propose que le commentaire 50 soit à Alex.

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