Meetingitis (but fun)

I don’t really have time to write anything else so just a little rundown of the current schedule, starting yesterday at 10h30;

  • 3h30 hour long phone meeting. Ouach but it’s consulting, I’m billing ;)
  • Work on a couple of little contracts, email 2 designers, answer other emails.
  • Head to Yahoo Québec launch cocktail, supposed to end at 19h30, actually miss Yulbizz, head out at 21h30, talk with a bunch of people, including Carl. (wine, discussion, wine, hors d’oeuvre, discussion, wine, etc.)
  • Dinner with some more wine and kick ass Pintxos. Home at 12h30.
  • Get up a bit late, answer emails, read some news.
  • Talk with Martine for the train, fix her blog :-p.
  • 1h30 meeting with interesting agency for potential work.
  • Lunch with former co-workers some of my best and dearest friends (great burger at Meatmarket).
  • Head to Laîka, run into Ella.
  • Other meeting for a promising e-commerce project.
  • Talk on the phone with Sylvain.
  • Other 1h long meeting for something I haven’t done before.
  • Quick talk with Hugh as he’s leaving.
  • Email, email, email.
  • Cfd arrives, head out for dinner.
  • Back home at 21h20, finish a bit of work. Read a few things. Post this useless list. Sleep.
  • Meeting downtown at 10h00 tomorrow for some “webtwenny” work.
  • Quick phone meeting.
  • Lunch meeting at 12h on Ste-Catherine.
  • Home for an afternoon of actual work.

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