A Bit Less Suckage From Rogers

[Update] I might be less insenced then some but still, sign it biatch.

So Rogers have finally announced their new data plans for the iPhone. Kinda decent, I’ll be able to keep up my current usage but without looking for wifi. Still a high suck level compared to… everywhere else though.


Carl Mercier June 27, 2008

I think the prices are terrible: they sure ruined it for me.

When you add all the crap they charge you (7$ access fee, 2$ 911, 15$ caller id), that’s 94$/month for just 150 minutes of talk time. And that doesn’t include long distance and roaming charges.

The iPhone is gonna be a HUGE disaster in Canada I think. Nobody want’s 100+$ cell phone bills, especially the non-technical people.

Patrick June 27, 2008

I certainly don’t want to defend Rogers but 15$ is not for caller ID, it’s for a package of 5 services.

150 minutes is plenty for a lot of people when you have nights and weekends free.

And yes, the total is pretty high but I wasn’t expecting cheaper than in the US and AT&T offers data at 40$ _on top_ of a call plan. I believe most european unlimited plans are around 50-55€ which is 80$ canadian.

I agree, it sucks, and 400Mb isn’t unlimited but it’s also quite a bit of data. I think we are getting screwed but it’s not by an order of magnitude like it used to be, a basic iPhone plan is similar to europe, with semi decent data volume instead of unlimited.

Carl Mercier June 27, 2008

To put things in perspective:

– Caller ID alone is 10$/mo, but doesn’t seem to be available on the iPhone.

– The 3g data plan is 30$/mo for unlimited data with AT&T, not 40$.

– 400mb of 3G data is a lot, but not THAT much, especially with all the new cool apps that will be coming out. I used > 100mb/mo on Edge when I had unlimited, and I wasn’t using it that much at all (no download, just browsing and email). So I can definitely see a lot of people going over 400mb.

– AT&T doesn’t lock you in for 3 years, just 2.

– AT&T doesn’t charge that ridiculous 7$/mo “system access” fee.

– No long distance or roaming charge with AT&T.

– 150 minutes is tiny compared to what’s offered elsewhere for the same price. For example, AT&T gives you 450 minutes, plus 5000 night/weekend minutes (aka unlimited unless you quack too much) for just 40$.

Which means that unlimited 3G data, “unlimited” nights and weekends, 450 minutes, caller id, no long distance and no roaming will set you back around 75$/mo with taxes in the states.

For 94$, Rogers gives us somewhat limited data, only 150 minutes, unlimited N/WE, caller id + a few extra useless gadgets (I know, I have them on Fido), long distance calls and roaming are EXTRA.

We’re definitely getting screwed. You might be right, maybe not as much as before, but Canada probably still has the most expensive mobile rates in the world. The only reason being the lack of competition.

Oh boy…! ;-)

Patrick June 27, 2008

I was sure AT&T had gone up to 40$ but yeah, they’re still showing 30$. Didn’t notice the minutes as much since I don’t care but you’re right ;)

Carl Mercier June 27, 2008

Looks like I’m not the only one annoyed by those prices…


I was waiting for the new iPhone so badly, but now I think I’ll just pass. Or maybe I can’t resist, we’ll see.

Carl Mercier June 28, 2008

And now the petition to break Rogers pricing:


Patrick June 28, 2008

Yep, I’d already added it to the top of my post ;)

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