Vancouver Spaces

Man oh man oh man, look at this space and the view. It’s a coworking project in Vancouver and it’s being started as a company by a few people, especially Bill MacEwen. I haven’t been able to find any pricing / policies information but it seems to be a fabulous project. It also tends to confirm what I’ve been thinking about all those projects in the air; someone as to just decide to do it. The co-op system can work in terms of spreading the expenses load but until one person (or a small group) takes the lead financially by structuring something and charging others, nothing’s gonna happen. All the projects that I’m aware off that are actually happening are lead by a company or 1-2 individuals.

Also in Vancouver and seemingly within the same circle of people, Burnkit (a studio, not coworking) have some gorgeous office space which you can get a glimpse of in this video by Kris Krug.

I could probably write a whole post about how I got to those sites, who knows who, where I saw/met some of them and how there’s even a loose connection with the painting of Boomer and her being part of Burnkit’s “What do you believe” project. Random connections galore.


Bill May 14, 2006

Thanks for the post & the props! Policies are pretty open, you basically come in with your laptop and do your thing. Prices are between $95 and $475 / month for individual memberships…includes wifi etc.


Steven Mansour May 14, 2006

Donc à quand ton beau petit projet de loft co-op sur le plateau? ;)

Bill May 14, 2006

July 1st?

Patrick May 15, 2006

My pleasure Bill, great project so not much effort in that post ;)

Steven; dunno, j’ai pas encore trouvé la formule idéale money wise ni décidé si je veux “m’attaché” à un tel projet autant qu’il faudrait pour bien démarrer ça.

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