Mingle2 Twice

Mingle2 is a new “Web 2.0 Dating Site”. I was sent to it twice, initially for Boyd’s excellent review of his development process where he details the various steps he went through in using CakePHP to build the whole thing in 66.5 hours. Good stuff.

I’m pretty impressed that he built the whole thing and produced such a nice design himself. That’s the type of thing I’d want/could do if only I’d buckle down and learn some more programming skills.

Mingle2.com – Free Online Dating80% GeekMingle2.com – Free Online Dating

The second time was when someone pointed to the geek test (can’t remember where I saw it first), I did pretty good (or is that bad?).


mat April 16, 2007

Thanks for the pointer to this. I’m impressed too.

Patrick April 16, 2007

vb: With “real” answers? Not answering what you know to be geekier?

heri April 17, 2007

i did 60% on that test

i passed on the LOTR questions – never got on board because the books were too long

Marie-Claude April 18, 2007

J’ai quand même un peu de geek en moi.

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