The Great Zombie War of 2005

This thing has already been linked, emailed, forumed and blogged a lot but in case some of you missed it. A bunch of hipsters dressed up as zombies (complete with camera and video posse) and “attacked” the D&D geeks and nerds who play real life battles every weekend near the tamtams. Hillarity, fun and loads of pictures ensued. It ended with the zombies dancing with the tamtam hippies. Méchant mélange!

I’m impressed that everyone reacted in good fun and enjoyed the thing (except for the McDonald’s manager), I’m also impressed with the zombie disguises, most of them very well done. Which might be the funniest thing in all of this. The zombies were ironically (they’re hipsters after all) attacking the “nerdy ductape people”, somewhat making fun of them but in the end they had costumes on par with the mediavalists, acted as best they could and had fun doing it. In other words, they did what those kids do and enjoyed it as much. Not that different after all…

(A couple of favorite pics)

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Splurge July 11, 2005

That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard of!
I wish I could have been there to witness it!

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