Station C

I’ve been speaking about coworking for a loooong while. We are finally very close. We’ve found a great space, agreed on a lease, figured out the finances, etc. Next stage, confirming members. Every freelancer I’ve spoken to is interested, to be blunt we now have to see if “interest” translates in dollars. We are holding a 5@7 this Wednesday at Bar Inc. , we want to meet everyone who’s interested in becoming a member and hope to have enough solid commitments at the end of the night to then go and sign the lease to put into motion the actual opening. You can find more info on the Montréal coworking site. You can also RSVP on Facebook. I hope to see you there and that we can have a decision at the end of the day for a space in early 2008.


Carl Mercier November 20, 2007

Wow! Good to see that this is coming along. Nice office too!

Patrick November 20, 2007


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