Schiff Called It Right

You could hardly have a better illustration of the problems with the economy in this compilation of Peter Shiff trying to convince people of how bad the US situation is. He analyses almost completely correctly what was to come in 2008 and gets laughed at, told he must be “very far left” and believe in Santa Claus. ALL the analysts and “moderators” are viewing everything with rose tinted glasses, ignoring Shiff’s analysis and disregarding the facts he brings. It would be funny if the situation wasn’t so dire.

(via Hugh)

[Update 2008-11-24] Since when do financial shows look and behave like sports shows?? No wonder people don’t give investements the proper seriousness. Funny how they admit Schiff was right but keep arguing with him like he’s mad.

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Nick November 18, 2008

“very far left”! Wow. Don’t they know Schiff is a libertarian, and of the Austrian/Mises school at that? You could not get any more right wing without falling off the edge of the earth. Can we start ignoring the press yet?

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