I think I’m in love. I’ve just been trying out skEdit for the last half hour and I think we have a winner, I haven’t been so impressed with a new download since I got NetNewsWire.

It’s a “low-cost, nicely featured web development application for Mac OS X” and so far it seems to do everything I need when building websites. I’ve been using bb… something else which I think did everything I need but not as easily as this new one seems to do them. I never even got around to looking for them. After 30 minutes (actually less then that, I’ve been customizing the colors) I’ve already found all I need, site management, ftp, html tidy, special characters, etc. There’s even an icon set created by design fav. Jon Hicks.

The code navigator is brilliant, it basically creates an index of major sections in a document and makes them available in a bookmarks like pulldown. For example in a css file it’s a list of all classes. Using regular expressions you can also customize what the list looks for when creating the index. In a similar manner you can easily create snippets of code that you reuse often. (feature list here)

Oh and the best part? It’s 20$!! Which means with this I can work completely legally with all free or cheap software. Gotta love the small application creators on OSX.