Small Worlds v Big World

We are already suffering from the bleed over of commentary in one small world showing up without context in others: have you tried to make sense of the twittered Friendfeed comments, where the thread is lost? … It may seem negative to say it, but we need less crossover in these activities. Spuriously updating your Facebook, Jaiku and Pownce status from your Twitter account may seem like a way to bridge the many sides of your online persona, but unless you are actively participating in the various environments in their own unique way, you aren’t really fooling anyone, or getting any value either … The Scobles of the world, with 20K+ followers in all small worlds, have transcended individual involvement and become media institutions. We can’t look to them for guidance or sensible models of individual conduct.—Fred Wilson on Leaving The Instigator Out: Small Worlds v Big World