An easy post this morning (like I do anything else! ;) ). You’ve probably heard that Tom Cruise is marying Katie Holmes, well, they’re engaged. She also joined the scientology religion cult and said that she:

grew up with a poster of Cruise on her bedroom wall and has said she grew up wanting to marry him.

Scientology and childhood fantasies based on a poster and movies, solid foundations for mariage if I ever heard them! But that’s not the point, it got me thinking on which poster(s) I had on the wall growing up. The only chick based one I can remember is of Christine Applegate, still hot but not on my wall anymore. How about you, who did you have up on the wall when you were a teenager?


Karl Dubost June 17, 2005

Albert Einstein. No chicks.

John June 17, 2005

While I had one Todd McFarlane Spider-Man poster, I usually made collages of different pictures I’d find in magazines that I liked. Mostly movie scenes but lots of bands, as well. But at the centre, Winona Ryder in “Beatlejuice.”

Matthieu June 17, 2005

I had a 5’ by 6’ poster of Clockwork Orange. How inspiring.

Patrick June 17, 2005

John, a man with good tastes!

If we’re going the any poster route, then the one I had up the longest was a world map. Neeeerrd.

Michel June 17, 2005

David Cassidy. Shut up! (I wanted to be in the Partridge Family.)

Martine June 17, 2005

Charlie’s Angels. The Bionic Woman. John Travolta in Grease (oh god…).

Yeah, I know. I’m old.

Michael June 17, 2005

I had Steve Podborski and Ken Read on my wall. And Harti Weierather. All ski racers, if you don’t know.

Pierre June 17, 2005

I hadn’t hit puberty yet but I remember having that 6 foot tall poster of Michael Jackson on my wall. The one where he’s wearing the red leather jacket with the thousand zippers.

… pis j’avais le jacket en question en plus

me June 18, 2005

I’m afraid it was 89 posters of the NKOTB…

aj June 18, 2005

then: Athena print poster of a Lamborghini
Athena print poster of the Concorde’s flight deck
Map of the universe from National Geographic (double nerd)
David Bowie + various band posters
All in cheap clipframes.

now: ( mounted + laminated) Vitra Design Museum chairs poster; London Tube poster from the launch of the Divine Comedy’s album ‘Casanova’; promotional poster from Blur’s ‘Parklife’ launch; framed publicity still from Quadrophenia; poster from Victoria and Albert Museum’s ‘Radical Fashion’ exhibit; framed Lord Neilson’s bubblegum card of Lulu and Scott Walker (!)

Patrick June 18, 2005

me: you should be afraid!! ;)

You can always count on AJ for “le détail qui tue” ;) I wouldn’t have thought of it but yes, my poster was also from Athena. ‘they still exist?

Good idea with now: Cheaply framed pictures of my “five oceans in a year” trips, couple of framed ones from Australia, old Ansel Adam calendar, old National Geographic Jamaica calendar, framed print of “sepiaed” sculptured friese, small framed russian propaganda poster received as a gift, framed old black and white series of a bird in flight. Lots of walls with nothing.

aj June 18, 2005

the devil is in the details. and he’s having fun.

me June 18, 2005

yeah.. I know! :) Now I have a poster of Keane (autographié et dédicacé), one of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, many Lichtenstein’s and some of my own musical band héhé.

Karl Dubost June 19, 2005

oops j’avais oublié, je viens de me souvenir. En plus d’Albert j’avais les Pléiades, M45, the star cluster.

JPG June 21, 2005

Hummmmm…..being exploding hormone filled teenager I remember having a poster of Cindy Crawford in a USA bikini thing, Claudia Schieffer in a black bikini, Julie Masse from a 7 Jours poster someone had sent me (I was living in Toronto back then…) and there was somewhere in there a poster of Patrick Roy and Micheal Jordan… Gees those posters where pretty much all ugly…

em_ee June 22, 2005

marc-andré coallier.

‘nuff said

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