This is brilliant!!! Clubs in London are having Playlist nights where people turn up with a “set” on their iPod, each gets a turn to be plugged in the sound system and attendees vote on the best one(s). I know at least a couple of bloggers who’d loooove to see something like that in Montréal.


Antoine January 27, 2005

Hell yes! Count me in for the first Montreal edition.

oblivia January 28, 2005

This sounds like ambient music for a YULblog gathering. Perhaps we should speak to the management at Cabane? Its probably a long shot, admittedly.

Patrick January 30, 2005

I’d be extremely surprised if they allowed that but I’m certainly thinking about using the idea at some point.

Jonny Rocket February 10, 2005

Hi there,
If you want to know anything about Playlist, don’t hesitate to make contact. If you want to set up your own Playlist event, we can talk about that too. I love Montreal, and Canadians are nice people.
Our next event’s on February 26, if you are in the UK
All best

Patrick February 10, 2005

Thx Jonny, we might have something brewing soon along those lines, I forwarded your message to the person in charge. I don’t think I’ll be in the UK for the next little while but I’ll be sure to look that up when I do.

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