My Diet Is Working

For the last few months I’ve been on a diet and it’s working well, I’m finally under 200… feeds. Yeah, at my highest I subscribed to over 280 RSS feeds, well on my way to 300. It was taking me too long to read through the whole thing (duh) so I started cutting back and last week I went through a couple more categories and cut it down to 197.

Now I’m sure most (all?) of you are thinking I’m nutters to even be over 100 and a lot are thinking more than 50 is already overkill. I think it’s actually pretty reasonable, first and foremost because I consider it part of my job, I feel I need to know as much as I can and be on top of things, following a lot of different sources is a big part of that.

Also, not all of those are blogs with long posts, I’ve got a good number of photologs and linklogs which are pretty quick to go through, a few CSS galleries which are also a quick parse. A couple of less common choices;

  • Comments posted on my pictures on Flickr.
  • Comments on posts where I’ve commented myself. (Flickr)
  • A couple of Flickr tag feeds.
  • My own blog, La Flamme Rouge which I take care off and the Yulblog metablog. All to make sure everything’s ok.
  • Île Sans Fil’s new hotspots feed to know where I can now go work from.

    There are also 17 feeds under the “probation” category, blogs/ressources that have to prove themselves quickly or they’re out of there.


optimus July 17, 2006

names! names! who’s on the Shape Up or Ship Out list?

Patrick July 18, 2006

Ahah. I phrased it wrong. They are not put there from being regular to being re-considered. They are put there when I find them, until I’m sure I want to keep them.

julien July 18, 2006

yeah the probation thing was a pretty smart addition for me too. and i use it in two ways:

1) i’m not sure i’m going to like this but i add it anyway
2) i thought (or used to) like this but i don’t that much anymore, but i’m not yet willing to unsub

to me, this is a much more fascinating subject that winer’s goddamned ‘river of news’ obsession.

p.s.: he’s not in my probation category. :)

Patrick July 18, 2006

The real Winer or the Montreal one? ;)

Sylvain July 20, 2006

I just wish we could have an internet scale “attention distribution mecanism” like what Rojo but only for itself…

Un moteur de croisement
is what we riffed about Martin and me.

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