This is one of those posts where 4 readers will know what I’m talking about and 1 or 2 will care. But, this is my blog so I’m posting it anyway ;).

I had a game of Ultimate Frisbee tonight. There are a few plays at Ultimate that are rare and have their own name, the rarest is called, very un-originally, The Greatest, I’ve seen 2 in 5 years, a real one (league game) and another during a pickup game (people show up, split in two teams and play).

Another rare one is called the Callahan, I’ve seen probably 4-5 in the same time. Oh, and I scored one tonight. w00t!! We were playing “zone” where 3 people (out of 7) follow the disc and try to prevent the handlers from throwing upfield. We managed to keep them within the first 20 yards of their side and even got the guy with the disc back to his own endzone line, I anticipated his pass which was curving in their endzone and plucked it for a score. Sweeeet.

Now back to our regular programing.


lightspeedchick July 18, 2006

As one of the 4 readers, I feel compelled to say: woo-hoo! :)

PB Cote July 21, 2006

You’re my hero. Really.

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