Hammersley redesign contest

Ben Hammersley just announced the winner of the contest he held to find a new design for his blog. Nice clean design, I think it’s pretty similar to what he had though, more like fine tuning than really new but nothing wrong with that. This was my entry. Comments?

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Mathieu August 2, 2003

The triangle on the top corner is a little to blunt… when incorporating a large simple-geometric shape like circles, triangles, stars, you need to “make it special” in some way. Otherwise the brain instantly tag it as “boring”. The transparency effect isnt a bad idea but not enough in its own.

Also, the large green band looks more like an empty header that should be holding some text, but isnt. Thinning it whoulb probably better… I’d at least cut it in half.

And last, the menu on the left is great for its choice of palette and font, but it lacks an element to break the monotony of this “stacked boxes” style… maybe a little bunting of some sort at the bottom or on top.

On last thing. As kermit said himself, “Its not easy beeing green”. Monochromatic “green” designs tend to sicken people in the long run… most customers will come back after less then 6 month and ask for a redesign. So if you use a lot of green… make sure to have other colors to “balance” it. the grayish page was a good start but still a little monochrome. Maybe adding the precense of one more element like a static photo or clip art can do the job, or maybe adapting a reccurent element such as links or headers can be just as effective.

In the “green” department I once did this one : http://mathieusylvain.net/curriculum/PorteFolio/LogicielsAction/PorteFolio_LogicielsAction.asp

Like I said… after about a year they couln’t stand the color green anymore.


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