It’s Everywhere

There’s an ad on my metro pass. Give. Me. A. Fucking. Break.


aj February 1, 2005

ok, well, best thing to do then is petition the Charest government not to cut our taxes, because it’s this chronic underfunding that forces the STM to seek new revenues from things like…giant Orwellian telescreens in the metro!

Antoine February 1, 2005

And it now cost more than 60 bucks. I’m buying the weekly pass without the ad and loving it. Anyone using public transportation should be cut on his taxes!

Orwellian telesccreens! Haha!

Patrick February 1, 2005

So where’s the money at then? I know the governement doesn’t have it but there’s advertising absolutely everywhere (I’m not talking about only in the metro here) and the excuse is always that they’re running out of money. Didn’t use to be that way (said the curmudgeon) how can everyone not have money? Anyway, did it have to be TQS? TQS for christ’s sake!

aj February 1, 2005

The money’s in all the new highways, and the stupid $1 BN 3-stop metro extension to Laval. It’s all in the pockets of SNC Lavalin and other big construction companies that profit from the subsidy of essentially private enjoyment of cars, vs. public infrastructure. Essentially every time they give a subsidy (or a tax break) to something that isn’t public transit —like highways, or car manufacturing, or tax writeoffs on cars for business use, etc.—the less the system is funded, and the less incentive there is for people to use it. It becomes a death spiral.

François Proulx February 1, 2005

I just can’t believe that shit. When I saw it yesterday I got so mad. As if there wasn’t enough ads in the metro !

blork February 2, 2005

No ad on my pass, but I’m using one of those fancy “Zone 3” passes that’s good on both the island and the Rive Sud.

Oh, and it only costs $94!!!

aj February 2, 2005

Hey, I think that explains the name of that TV production company, Zone 3. Are they making programming only for commuters in the burbs?

chris February 2, 2005

that ad makes your metro pass cheaper, friend.

or are you telling me you’d rather pay even more taxes or more for the ticket so you’d be freed from the awful burden of the stm card ad?

is it really so painful?

Patrick February 2, 2005

aj: In the comments I was saying everywhere, not just gov. money. But you’re right.

chris: Which is why it’s “funny” that it happens the second month I pay more! But you can’t tell me an ad vor TQS lowers my card all that much. 25¢? 50¢? I’d pay.

Sylvain February 4, 2005

Hehe, sur la super passe zone 5 (à 123$!!), pas de pub. Je suppose que c’est un des avantages que les 450 ont sur les 514! :P

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