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I’m not sure which one of those numbers is the most incredible; Keanu potentially (almost surely) making US300$ million for the 2 Matrix sequels or the fact he’s giving US80$ million to 29 special effects guys! 15% of the box office take? For Keanu? Does that make sense? I mean sure it would have been weird with another Neo but would the revenues have been 15% lower? Great gesture on his part though, seems to me the “reajustement” he just did takes it closer to the weight he has in bringing in movie goers vs that of the visual fx.

[Later, 2003/06/06] Then again, maybe not (scroll up a bit, the link isnt placed correctly)


blork June 3, 2003

It’s his humble Canadian roots. As he points out, he could live for centuries on what he already has. Too bad more such people (who take in such ridiculous incomes) don’t have the same sense of sharing.

Incidently, it’s 15% of the profit, not of the box office.

Patrick June 3, 2003

Humble Canadian roots, yeah I like that angle :)

I agree it’s usually a percentage of the profits but on imdb they do say box office. Typo I guess.

Martine June 4, 2003

H, on a parl du mme beau jeune homme toi et moi! Belle attitude en effet. a ne change rien pour lui et a a un impact considrable sur la vie des gens qui ont vraiment contribu son film et sa fortune. J’espre que d’autres se sentiront forcs de suivre son exemple, surtout si ces “autres” travaillent un jour avec moi!

Patrick June 4, 2003

En fait, j’aimerais mieux que les boites d’effets spciaux soient mieux payes, particulirement dans les cas ou c’est eux, les effets, qui amnent des gens dans la salle et que les foutus billets soient moins chers. US300$ millions Keanu c’est au moins 280 millions du mauvais ct du billet d’entre.

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