Quite a bit of crazy ass stuff shown on Gizmag, like the new tireless wheels from Michelin which looks insane.

The flexible spokes are fused with a flexible wheel that deforms to absorb shock and rebound with ease. Without the air needed by conventional tires, Tweel still delivers pneumatic-like performance in weight-carrying capacity, ride comfort, and the ability to “envelope” road hazards.

There’s also a couple of fun prototypes rethinking cars and motorcycles with alternates that might be safer or at the very least very cool. Toyota’s Personal Mobility concept looks like the love child of a car, a bike and a Mechwarrior (can you believe that term is in Wikipedia??), sleek.

My favorite so far on the site though is this Aprilia Magnet three wheeler. Great idea, well executed design concept and would be a hell of a ride I think.