Frog / Motorola Wearables Concept

Some pretty cool kit that is supposedly a couple of years away. Very nice concept with the central unit and the Bluetooth peripherals. I wouldnt wear the Wristable part but the way everything works together and the functionnalities it offers are very interesting.

I think Apple could bring to market something similar if they made a Bluetooth iPod (with more processing power), ideally with a larget color screen, you could use a phone like the Sony Ericsson to access the net, just leave the phone in your bag or briefcase and use the iPod as a phone (if they add a mic. to the headphones), access webpages, email, messaging, play music as it does now, carry files thanks to the hard drive , etc. Offer Bluetooth in a memory card format for your camera and you can use the iPod as a storage device for it. Except for the fact battery life would be much shorter if there is no better technology available (I dont know if it is though, might be) I think all the rest could be done now.

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Jason August 1, 2003

The wristable is the shit….i want it now.

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